Why TikTok Needs To Be Paid Attention By Entrepreneurs?

About two years ago, when TikTok took over Musical.ly with the help of its parent company, it was only more of a new entertainment app. With hilarious videos, to creative dance, easy recipes, and everything entertaining, TikTok is a minefield of captivating short videos.

With its popularity, more and more users added their own personal twist and charisma to the app, to form this very exciting app. With no particular genre or niche, the app now features every kind of talent there is, and now you can see various sewing, cooking, and dancing accounts together on the app! The wholesome app entertains you while it teaches you.

What Is TikTok?

Not a very difficult question for the youth to answer, TikTok can be a brainstormer for the elderly. In a few words, TikTok is a video app where you can shoot creative looping videos of 15 or 60 seconds doing absolutely anything creative (and obviously in community guidelines). The app succeeded with the easy layout first used by Musical.ly, which was later merged into TikTok itself by ByteDance.

How And What To Shoot With TikTok?

  • You can shoot videos with musical backgrounds as a mini music video.
  • Make videos of your lip-syncing.
  • Comedy videos with AR filters.
  • Duets with other users.
  • Accept TikTok

All these video ideas have created such a global buzz that young content creators are always finding a rewarding platform to display their talents. Luckily, with TikTok’s increasing popularity, marketers with imaginative concepts are opening up to TikTok marketing strategies.

Here are a few concepts to overview and see the future of TikTok marketing strategies and its success.

Brands On TikTok

While certain people are bent over dragging TikTok in memes, entrepreneurs that saw an opportunity are seeing a way to succeed with TikTok. Like all social media accounts, a fan following is certainly a great way to increase revenue, and brands on TikTok certainly realized that.

While TikTok is more about creation than advertisements, the brands on TikTok took to creative ways to bring more eyes to their cause. Not only did these open new gateways for bigger marketers, but also inspiring young artists who began brands on TikTok entirely to spread there out. Companies can certainly increase their lead audience with accounts on TikTok.

Presently major brands on Tiktok include Chiptole (about which we will be discussing shortly), the Washington Post, Elf Cosmetics, Guess, and Calvin Klein. They release videos from time to time, featuring TikTok marketing strategies and increase brand awareness.

Creative Challenges

Most creative challenges feature a new dance routine or athletic feats that a select few can pull, but entrepreneurs came with different ideas. The Kiki challenge was an internet sensation, and with TikTok, more and more people listened to the song on Youtube and other platforms hence drawing in precious revenue. The marketers who saw this made it into one of Tiktok’s marketing strategies.

A recent #inMyDenimChallenge increased Guess’s customers when TikTok users made videos wearing new denim. Hence, a successive TikTok marketing trick!

Last year, Chipotle launched its #BooritoChallenge. Apparently, food was available at a reduced price when people made an order in their Halloween costumes. To further increase the offered audience, Chiptole released a specialized sound bite on the app. So, people uploaded before and after videos of wearing their Halloween costumes with the hashtag #BooritoChallenge. As more people came to know about the offer on TikTok, Chiptole made more money.

TikTok Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most successful digital marketing tricks, and bussing entrepreneurs realize it. While TikTok does not yet support product links etc. TikTok influencer marketing is still paving its way. The thing is that brands collaborate with major TikTok accounts either to make a creative video, take part in challenges, or showcase styles or lifestyle. The accounts being majorly followed draw attention of the viewers to that particular brand, and hence more target audience is achieved by TikTok influencer marketing. The most followed accounts are also sought after by marketing agencies. There are special TikTok marketing agencies that provide content ideas and brand collabs for mutual benefits.

A single TikTok influencer marketing collaboration video can raise anywhere between $200 to $20,000. Buy tiktok likes to gain more followers for more user-generated content.

TikTok is enjoying prime levels of youth attention at this time, and brands can certainly benefit from that. Hence, no wonder that marketers are showing such interest in this creative platform. With a few TikTok marketing strategies put in place, any brand can achieve heightened success. As an account holder, anyone can become a sensation and be a part of the TikTok stardom overnight!