10 Things Every Marketer Should Know About TikTok Platform

By now, you’ve probably heard about TikTok, the social media app that allows users to create video clips and share them. But as with most adults, there’s a high likelihood that you’re still wondering about all the fuss.

It boasted 1.2 billion global installations and 500 million active users: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat outperformed.

10 Things Every Marketer Needs To Learn About TikTok:

1. Origin: The Root

Rising from Vine’s ashes and emerging from the once-Musical.ly app (the lip-syncing app), TikTok was first launched in 2014 but only spread beyond China in 2017. Its Chinese creators wanted to combine short videos with easily accessible music, which would allow users to create original content quickly and easily.

Their goal is to become the number 1 destination for short-form mobile content, and their mission is to encourage innovation and bring happiness.

With TikTok’s growth just set to get bigger in the coming months, now is the time for digital marketers to jump on the opportunity and think about innovative ways to incorporate TikTok for business.

2. The Addiction:

The advanced A.I. from TikTok enables it to create an especially addictive feed.

Average U.S. users open the app 8 times a day, and average users worldwide spend 52 minutes on the platform every day.

For any digital marketer, a captivated audience is the vision, and with the stats showing how addictive this platform is to its users, the brands might benefit from that and can use TikTok for business.

3. The Audience Is No Longer Kids Only:

Thanks to its success with a younger audience, the platform now has 41 percent of its users between 16 and 24 years of age. In less than 18 months, there has been a 5.5-fold rise in the number of U.S. adults using the app, to around 15 million.

Back in 2018, a collaboration with Jimmy Fallon helped generate the biggest spike in adult engagement apps since its launch.

4. Comedy Governs Land:

Although music remains at the core of TikTok, the platform is no longer confined to content related to music. You will possibly be introduced to remixes of famous memes, original stand-up comedy, and cooking tutorials within a single 60-second scroll.

From a marketing point of view, humor can be a strong tool when it comes to emotionally engaging with customers. If you are seeking a presence on TikTok as a digital marketer, then showing the fun side of the brand is important.

5. No Filters Required:

For ordinary people, TikTok is a social media network. The kind that you’d come across in school or at work. Its influencers are regular teenagers who have acquired millions of followers from their bedroom comforts. Young people on TikTok feel confident by expressing themselves.

6. Creativity Is Democratized:

Production of content has never been more intuitive, thanks to the impressive suite of video editing tools from TikTok. The app effectively removed all the barriers that prevent people from speaking out.

Unlike YouTube, which requires actual video editing software and capabilities, technical skills no longer determine the content’s success.

Young people feel that the app belongs to them; that is why by sharing user-generated content, millions are taking part in hashtag challenges.

7. Global Reach:

TikTok promises the best of global reach and local commitment, more than any other social media network. With 120 million monthly active users in India and another 250 million active users in China, the app has gained mass adoption globally, especially in Asia.

8. Ease Of Use For Consumers:

Just as Instagram made editing images quick and simple, TikTok has democratized video editing for everyone. Users can edit, filter, add music seamlessly and even adjust the speed of a video. To bring together clips with a variety of engaging effects, you don’t need to be a videographer or editing Expert.

9. The future:

Unfortunately, however, in certain countries such as China, TikTok is facing problems regarding accusations of privacy issues and censorship. Through rising popularity, there’s also an increased threat of trolls and harmful content, something they’ll need to tackle quickly, particularly with such a young user base.

10. Serious ROI:

Marketers need to know that if they invest in TikTok, they will get some serious returns on investment. Buy tiktok likes for best results on your business TikTok account. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, businesses would get better traffic in a very low budget. Aside from TikTok Ads, hiring an influencer can also help in a positive way.

So, the above mentioned are the things that every marketer needs to learn about TikTok for making their brand successful and use TikTok for business.